Mountain Biking Weekend - March 29-30, 2008

29 March 2008: Bootleg Canyon
Las Vegas, NV


30 March, 2008: North Cottonwood Valley
Las Vegas, NV


A Special Thanks!
Julie planned this Mtn biking extravaganza, and it was a blast! Rick, Dave, Stu, Ryan; we must do this again!!!
Saturday morning found us scrambling around at Bootleg Canyon in Boulder City.
A few runs down "Boy Scout", a few on "Girl Scout" and finishing the day with a run down "East Leg" then "West Leg" left us worn out, but intact!
No major injuries, and only 1 flat tire. That counts as success in my book!
Sunday morning was windy and cool, but still a good day to be out on the trails of North Cottonwood Valley. (just West of Blue Diamond, NV)
It actually rained (!!!) for the 1st time that we've ever experienced in that part of the desert. Good times, no injuries!